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Enactus NTU- Bright Greens 

Bright Greens is an educational project focused on encouraging and supporting young people’s STEM ambitions through practical demonstration of scientific principles.

My Role

 I was brought on to the project after the first diamond and conceptualisation was completed. Appointed Project Leader and being the only designer in the team, I implemented design thinking into a project that had been developed entirely from a technical stand point by STEM students.

I noticed several loopholes in the research- which had been limited to a mere 2 participants and therefore could not be used to truly reflect the need and value of the project. By actively insisting upon the value of core user research before the wider team, I stepped back to reverse engineer and rework the design process. Now, expanding the research to 55 children, I was able to form a user journey and persona and understand the real pain points and desired capabilities. 

User Persona and Journey.png
Design Thinking Workshop

Created and curated a design thinking workshop and session to develop the concept and tailor Bright Greens to our stakeholders- the children and their teachers. It involved students from various departments to infuse ideas with expertise.

The workshop agenda was as follows-

  1. Brief and Inform

  2. Ice Breaker

  3. Brain Dump

  4. Idea Show and Tell

  5. Affinity Mapping and Dot Voting

  6. Brain writing 

  7. Curriculum Design

By presenting the user persona and needs, we sought to answer the follow the How Might We questions-

Screenshot (178).png

The workshop allowed for the exploration of a variety of ideas, that were enhanced and presented to the school teachers for perusal, feedback and approval. We also conducted a focus group with 6 students to ensure that our new model was aligned with them.

Djanology Strelley.png

We negotiated a partnership with TruLeaf, a small business that grows microgreens through vertical farming, to provide the units to take into the schools.

Screenshot (188).png
Pilot Program

On 20th April, 2022, the Bright Greens pilot was held in Djanology Strelley Academy in Nottingham which was very well received by both staff and students.


Over 6 weeks, we provided Year 5 students a vertical farming unit and allowed them to get their hands dirty with seeds and soil. Over this period, every child had a chance to plant, observe and harvest microgreens grown inside the unit.

We are currently in the process of analysing the before and after learning outcomes.

Pilot Impact

By completing a before and after questionnaire, we were able to assess the impact of our project, which are as follows-

28.5% increase in increase in Science

20% increase in caring about the environment

Artboard 4_300x.png
Artboard 5_300x.png
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