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Mattii Labs Limited- Snuze

Airline Pillow Massager- Highly Commended Project by Mattii Labs

The aeronautical industry produces silicone fingers as a waste material. Silicone is a versatile material, but it is difficult to recycle Hence, the project revolved around creating a product to upcycle waste silicone fingers.

With an increasing  number of airline travellers, as well as a rapid rise of neck/back pain cases, my design aims to provide a comfortable solution to frequent travellers. Through primary research, I was able to identify a need for an easy-to-carry airline pillow with increased comfort and support.

Snuze is an airline pillow massager, where the silicone fingers are used to form massage pads that worked on  key pain areas- the back of the neck(cervical vertebrae), and over the collar bone(clavicle). Compressible to about half its size, it can be easily placed in a handbag.  The inflating system will work on a simple one-way valve which reduces the hassle of blowing in air by the user.



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